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Ringer Volume

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Ringer Volume

It set ringer volume for incoming calls and notifications at a specific time.

You schedule a time when ringer volume will be changed.

The primary use of these application is to don't disturb people during their night's sleep.

It is useful for other regular events too. “Ringer Volume” is very similar to Alarm Clock, but instead of ringing it change mobile ringer volume at a specific time.



1. To schedule ringer volume change, press MENU -> NEW. Then set time and volume level & CONFIRM.

2. To add more auto volume change: repeat step 1.

3. At the end press START button.

NOTE: To apply a changes in the schedule - press START button again.



* set mobile ringer volume level at a scheduled time,

* each day can have a different configuration,

* set vibration mode.



You change your ringer volume level several times at day. It can be automated - use "Ringer Volume" application.

Your Android mobile will be silent at night, noisy at work, quiet after work.

You don't like to awake all your roommate at the middle of the night, "Ringer Volume" will help.



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