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Mute Ringer for Android mobile

Mute Ringer switch your mobile to silent mode. You schedule how long mobile will stay silent. After specific time volume level is switched to previous value.

The primary use of these application is to temporary mute ringer. It restore previous value after a specific time.

Mute Ringer is very useful during meetings and other situations.

You just set how long your mobile will be muted. You doesn’t need to take care about increasing volume after meeting – it is automated. The volume level will return to initial value.

Whenever you need temporary mute your ringer you will find it useful.

Mute Ringer application makes your mobile silent for incoming calls and notifications.



* temporary mute ringer for incoming calls and notifications

* configurable: switch to silent mode or vibration mode

* restore volume to initial value after specific time



There is a set of buttons with different time. When you press one of these buttons, your mobile became silent for incoming calls and notifications. Now you can exit from application.

The volume level will be restored to initial value after specific time. You can find more details in notification task bar.

There is “Stop” button which immediately restore an initial volume level.

There are two options at this moment:

- “Vibration” – it on/off vibration mode when you mute mobile using Mute Ringer.

- “Show notification” – on/off showing additional information in a notification bar.



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